ClimaCheck™ helps BRS to deliver energy efficient solutions

ClimaCheck™ helps BRS to deliver energy efficient solutions

There’s no getting away from it, energy (whether heating or cooling) costs you money. Unless, that is, you are in the business of power generation, and even here; the more efficient the generation, the greater the potential profit.

We may have just gone through a dip in world oil prices but nevertheless the pressure is on for businesses to be as power-efficient as possible.

For Beswick Refrigeration Services (BRS); this drive for fuel efficiency translates into providing the best designed, installed and serviced refrigeration equipment for our clients. As our service manager Simon Finch says “it’s not good enough anymore to be in a position where you just go in and service a customer’s equipment; you have to be able to demonstrate the energy savings which can be made from that equipment.”

We caught up with Simon at a Warburton’s™ Bakery site where he was overseeing the replacement of some of their refrigeration equipment with new and more energy efficient products. New equipment needs an advanced method of analysis and BRS use ClimaCheck’s™ dynamic diagnostics systems to provide quantifiable savings. This enables BRS to take a dynamic snapshot of the system, enabling BRS to analyse how much power is being absorbed by customers equipment, and how much refrigeration is created in real time.

The Climacheck™ website strapline is ‘Know the performance – maximise the efficiency’ and their system certainly enables us to do that. Particularly as we can change operational parameters in real time; enabling us to optimise your equipment for maximum efficiency. You can see Simon talking about the benefits of using ClimaCheck™ on our YouTube video site.

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