Micro Breweries

BRS is a market leading organisation, providing a total service to meet the varied and very specific needs of Micro Breweries. BRS are proud to have established a reputation for quality in conceptual design, process development and plant design, through to complete installations, commissioning and customer support on liquid handling solutions

The philosophy at BRS is one of partnership and long-term commitment to our clients, ensuring that the quality of products and services provided precisely meet their high expectations with all services on time, on budget and to our customers’ full satisfaction.

Our comprehensive range of process equipment solutions includes process vessels including agitation design solutions, product heating systems, product cooling systems, fully validated CIP cleaning systems, liquid holding and transfer solutions, modular skid mounted systems, process pipework schemes, access platforms, Mechanical services and electrical/software services, we can deliver projects of any size

BRS are also well known for their wealth of knowledge ranging from conceptual design, project management, manufacture, installations and modifications to plant, commissioning and after sales support