>BRS are here to help you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

> With a direct line to a Service Manager at all times, you can be sure your breakdown or mission critical application is covered.

> BRS prioritise service calls to ensure a fast response time for your breakdown. And ensure a faster resolution for your problem.

> We have the Capabilities to work on all your refrigeration and air conditioning systems providing you with F Gas (842/2006) compliance.

> Many Service spares are carried on engineers vehicles and a first time fix is our goal.



> BRS planned proactive maintenance system ensures longevity and efficient running of your refrigeration and Air conditioning equipment.

> Featuring ClimaCheck Diagnostic Systems™ we are able to rapidly diagnose operational faults and advise on Energy saving features which will add value to your Business.

> We employ a Service Team which have been factory trained or have previously worked for major equipment manufacturers,

> This allows the BRS service team to have the knowledge to fix equipment on a first visit, saving you time and money.

Customer Area


> Our Customer area is accessed via our website and only requires an initial contact from you to your own BRS customer Area.

> This Area contains information about Your site; Your refrigeration and Air conditioning assets , and holds information regarding your F Gas Liability and Refrigerant gas usage.



> BRS use a Service Team which care about your business and go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

> You can be sure that our objective is ensure your critical application or demanding environmental conditions are running every time.

> We will advise when repairs are possible; Where conversion to alternative refrigerants are viable and specification of new equipment when required.